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Often modern students need to write lab reports during their education in colleges, schools and universities. The lab report has a structure which includes a title page, introduction, main body and conclusion. The title page states a title of your experiment, your name, name of your instructor and date of delivery. The title must describe the key point of your investigation. In the introduction you must demonstrate the main idea of your work. You need to tell few words about your future experiment. The main task of this part is to attract reader’s attention to your work. But you also must write a purpose of your experiment. The main body of your lab report includes materials, methods and results of the experiment. You need to use only checked materials which will be from the reliable sources such as reference books, scientific journals and newspapers, textbooks, etc. During your experiment students use different methods of research. Namely, observations, tests, experiments, comparative analysis, conversations and so on. These methods will assist you to select interesting materials for your report. You must show that you understand what is going on in your experiment. Then, you need to describe results of your investigation. You must remember that the data must be written in scientific form. You need to explain all incomprehensible notions and terms. You must avoid repetitions, mistakes, complex word combinations in your work. In conclusion, you need to sum up used materials in clear and exact manner.

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