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Writing research paper is an interesting and informative process. Students can get new knowledge and skills during creating research papers. The structure of research papers includes such components as a title page, table of contents, introduction, main body, conclusion, list of references and additions. The title page includes a title of your paper, your name, institution, department, course, name of your supervisor and date of delivery. The table of contents is a list of chapters and subdivisions with numbers of their pages. In the introduction you need to describe an object, subject, purpose and tasks of your research. You also must demonstrate the novelty and actuality of your work. The main body of your work divides into several chapters and subdivisions. Every chapter must demonstrate interesting aspects of chosen problem. You need to use checked materials in your work and try to attract reader’s attention to your work. The conclusion is a generalization and systematization of used materials. You need to make accent on the basic points of your research paper. The list of references is a list of used sources of information in alphabetical order. The additions can includes different charts, diagrams, illustrations, tables, pictures and so on. They help you to make your work more colorful and interesting.

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